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…6-hour battery life. 7 1/2" l x 5" w x 1" thick. Ages 3 to 9.* 5" light-touch capacitive screen* Includes 10 apps: Photo Fun Ultra, Pet Pad Party game, Pet Chat, choice of 1 app download, Utility Suite and more* Access over 1,000 educator-approved games, apps, ebooks, videos,…


$20.00 per month

Keep your iPad ® dry, even underwater! This soft, sealed, waterproof iPad case will protect your tablet at the pool, beach, and waterpark. It's guaranteed waterproof by the manufacturer in water up to 33 feet deep. Talk, listen, use your touchscreen, and even snap great underwater…


Save 25%


Keep your gaming accessories organized and enhance your video gaming experience with an ultra-modern gaming desk that looks awesome too! Eight accessory attachments let you use your laptop computer, flat screen TV (up to 27"), store games and controllers, plus charge and store…


$25.00 per month