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…histories. This fountain, with its fragments of faux pottery, is imbued with all the fascination of antiquity, yet it serves a modern purpose as well. More than providing a serene soundscape of running water, it provides the base for a breathtaking, glass-topped accent table. Lights highlight…




…recycling is the fallen tree, which provides nutrients and habitat that contribute to a rich diversity of forest life. This lighted coffee table with fountain base literally illuminates this natural sequence, as water cycles through its submersible pump to flow repeatedly over the textured surface…



On orders by March 11th

Bring the peaceful ambience of walking in a forest by a babbling brook into your home with this fountain table. Water flowing down the interior is lit with LEDs. Submersible adjustable pump included. Glass top with resin base carved to resemble a gnarled old tree trunk. Assembly required. 18" w…



On orders by March 11th